02 Jul

Your Chart: How It’s Created and What It Represents. With Hank Friedman.

July 2, 2015

Have you ever heard a horoscope referred to as a ‘personal database’? It is! Thanks to the brilliance of astrology software developers, astrologers no longer need to be mathematicians and astronomers to ‘cast a chart.’ Hear from professional software designer, developer, and Mountain Astrologer software-reviewer Hank Friedman about the history of creating charts, how it is done to day, and how it might be done in the future. Learn HOW an astrology chart is cast. More importantly, learn WHAT it represents!

hanknewestHank Friedman is a gifted psychic, astrologer and computer software specialist. He has an extensive background in science, psychology, spiritual studies, western and vedic astrology, and software design. He holds a BS in Psychology and numerous certifications in therapy. In 1973 his girlfriend asked him “What’s your sign?” and he set about to disprove astrology. After extensive testing he found himself stunned by its accuracy and began giving readings. In 1978 a grateful client bought him an Apple II computer and Hank began his journey as an astrology software developer. He helps companies debug programs and improve their software’s design and functionality.

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