27 Aug

Virgo: Keep Calm and Carry On

August 27, 2015


maryjo_smallThe Sun is in the sign of Virgo this month, and keeping calm and carrying on is exactly what Virgo does! This modest, competent, no-nonsense earth sign is discriminating and discerning, scientific, conscientious and thorough in her efforts to create order and efficiency out of chaos. Virgo is dedicated to serving others. She strives to improve and perfect herself so that she can serve in higher and better ways. In this episode Mary Jo and Janey discuss a person in the entertainment industry who demonstrates the characteristics and traits of the Virgo archetype. We then look at Mary Jo and Janey’s composite chart and analyze its Virgo energy. Finally we talk about important current transits in the sign of Virgo and what they mean for us. The following three shows for the month will feature special guests talking about topics that pertain to the sign of Virgo: the Wounded Healer Chiron, the Asteroids, and Animal-Assisted Therapy. Listen in and then tell us about Virgo in your life!

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