16 Jul

The Profession of Astrology. With Maurice Fernandez.

July 16, 2015

How does someone become a professional astrologer? What background, training and education is needed? What do professional astrologers study, and in what schools and programs? What other areas of study, occupations, and experience enhance the astrologer’s skill set, credibility and professionalism? How long do astrologers need to practice their craft to earn the status of a professional? Are there indicators in the natal chart of astrologers that suggest an aptitude for the profession? If so, what are they? Can we “predict” who will be a good astrologer? How do astrologers navigate the transition from astrology being an avocation, to a vocation? Hear from our guest Maurice Fernandez, President of the Organization for Professional Astrology. A practicing astrologer for more than twenty years, Maurice developed a worldwide network as a full-time astrology teacher, counselor, and writer. He is a prolific author and has organized several astrology conferences around the world.

MauriceFernandez2015For more than twenty years Maurice Fernandez has been developing a worldwide network as a full-time astrology teacher, counselor, and writer. He has a reputation of excellence among clients, students, and the greater astrology community. He currently serves as president of the Organization for Professional Astrology, and most recently introduced the ISAR Astrology organization to Israel. Maurice’s approach to astrology is holistic and spiritual. He comes from the notion that to properly interpret star knowledge and soul consciousness, we need to address the human experience as a whole. This entails embracing a heart-centered approach, leading a healthy lifestyle, and honoring and respecting nature and wildlife. Maurice organizes spiritual journeys to sacred locations around the world and puts these principles into practice to stimulate deeply transformative and heart opening experiences. Maurice was born in Africa, speaks French, English, and Hebrew and currently resides in Hawaii.

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