18 Jun

The Law of Attraction: Our Story. With Dr. Laurel Clark.

June 18, 2015

Laurel_ClarkJoin us for our first episode when we’ll introduce ourselves, our new astrology show, and discuss the Law of Attraction with guest Dr. Laurel Clark, Regional Director of the School of Metaphysics and author of The Law of Attraction: And Other Secrets of Visualization. We’ll ask Dr. Clark for her insights on how we attracted this radio show into our lives.

Hear about our attraction to astrology, our friendship as professional astrologers, and our desire to co-create this entertaining, innovative and informative radio talk show to promote the profession of astrology. We’ll explore Jung’s fascination with the unconscious mind by delving into dreams, visualization and, of course, the encoded symbolism in everyone’s astrological chart.

Come place your attention on your intention to compel the universe to support your dreams. Becoming the master of your own destiny is not magic.

Dr. Laurel Clark is a Regional Director for the School of Metaphysics, teacher since 1979, and a past president of the SOM. She dedicates her life to helping others live more divine-centered lives as a psi counselor, an ordained minister in the Interfaith Community of Metaphysics, and public speaker. The author of the book The Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of Visualization, Laurel has lectured nationwide on the topic. She is currently writing a book called Mind Magnetism: the Law of Abundance in Action, which includes the spiritual dimensions of visualization. An expert on dreams, Laurel is Vice President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and author of the book Intuitive Dreaming. Laurel teaches the secrets to understanding how visualization and intuition are partners that enable us to create our heart’s desires and fulfill our destiny.

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