25 Jun

The History of Astrology. With Eric Francis & Christine Payne-Towler.

June 25, 2015

According to historian Benson Bobrick, Astrology is “the origin of science itself.  From Astrology are derived astronomy, the calculation of time, mathematics, medicine, botany, mineralogy, and by way of alchemy modern chemistry.”

Join us, and our renowned guests Eric Francis of planetwaves.net and Christine Payne-Towler Tarot scholar, as we discover what a rich and colorful impact Astrology has made on history and the history of ideas. We will take you through its impressive 5000 year evolution.  Be surprised by who studied it, practiced it, paid for it, and ruled by its wisdom.

Have we got your attention? You are not alone. Between 30-40% of Americans (100,000,000 people) believe in this sacred metaphysical science and art.

Join us for a fresh and credible view on this much aligned subject that’s once again being taught in colleges & universities all over the world.

ericfrancis2015After a 10-year career as an investigative reporter writing for The Village Voice, Sierra magazine and elsewhere, Eric Francis Coppolino blazed into astrology with relentless passion and curiosity. He quickly became a beacon for readers around the world, making his first mark on astrology at the dawn of the Internet. Specializing in new planet discoveries such as Chiron and Eris, his work is considered some of the most innovative, accessible and humane astrology available today. He is the editor of PlanetWaves.net and host of PlanetWaves.FM, where be blends astrological discussion with personal growth and world affairs.

christinepaynetaylor2015Christine Payne-Towler is an esoteric researcher and practitioner. She wrote the interpretive Tarot text for www.Tarot.com. Her first book The Underground Stream, Esoteric Tarot Revealed was released in 1999. Christine’s research articles and astrological analyses are on her blog site www.TarotArkLetters.com. She appeared in Secrets of the Occult, a 2007 documentary exploring issues raised in the popular Dan Brown novels and dedicated to the magicians of the Renaissance. In 2011 Christine and Michael Dowers released Tarot of the Holy Light, voted the 6th best deck at Aeclectic Tarot. Christine has two videos under the title AstroTheology: The Thin Spindle of Necessity to help modern occultists understand the ancient roots of the esoteric arts. Her latest books are Tarot of the Holy Light; A Continental Esoteric Tarot and Foundations of the Esoteric Tradition.


“Astrology is astronomy brought down to earth and applied to the affairs of men.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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