30 Jul

Sun Sign Astrology. With Jessica Adams.

July 30, 2015

When Sun Sign horoscopes first became available in newspapers in 1930, they were an overnight hit. Today they continue to be the most popular and widely used form of astrology. Nearly everyone knows, or can easily find out their natal Sun Sign, based solely on their birthday. Sun Sign horoscopes are quickly and easily accessible in the age of computers, apps and smart phones. Today on the Internet, Sun sign astrology draws audiences in the multi-millions. What is Sun Sign astrology? Why are we attracted to it? How is it done? How does it work? And how can we best avail ourselves of it? Hear from our special guest Jessica Adams, Sun Sign astrologer for Harper’s Bazaar, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Cosmopolitan, and others. Her free online horoscopes are read by more than 2.8 million people every year on her website jessicaadams.com. She is a member of The Astrological Lodge of London, the Astrological Association of Great Britain and the Federation of Australian Astrologers.

JessicaAdams2015Jessica Adams began her Astrology career as an astrologer at Elle and Vogue magazines. She is a Contributing Editor at Cosmopolitan magazine in England, and the astrologer for The Australian Women’s Weekly in Melbourne and the British website Get The Gloss. Her series Handbag Horoscopes was published worldwide. She also wrote a fashion astrology column for Bloomingdales in New York. Her books include Essential Astrology For Women. Her website jessicaadams.com draws 1 million unique visitors every year. It contains services such as the Eastern Astrology forecast Chinascopes and her divination tool The Astrology Oracle. As of April 2015, Jessica’s website was in the Top 20 astrology sites globally (Alexa). Jessica graduated with a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Religious Studies, Ancient Civilizations and Philosophy from the University of Tasmania, Australia. She is listed on the Tasmanian Government’s index of Significant Tasmanian Women and is in The Who’s Who of Australian Women.