Janey's Chart


Putting your greatest gift into the world, and receiving the support of the universe, succeeds most brilliantly when you know who you are, what you came to do, and with whom you want to do it. The data in your personal, or corporate, astrology chart can help you make conscious all of these critical elements.

“Startups fail for a lot of reasons,” said April Dembosky in But “relationship problems between co-founders” are a leading cause, a reality that’s prompting many entrepreneurs to take a novel approach to resolving their differences: couples counseling.

– Startups Turn To Couples Counseling ~ WEEK Magazine 5/8/15

Business Development and Marketing


  • Target your demographic market niche like never before.
    Your target demographic is embedded in your corporate chart. We have the ability to drill down into countless market segmentation levels to identify your ideal audience.
  • Identify consumer and industry trends.
    Fine tune your current product and service offerings, and develop new ones, for current and emerging markets. Your corporate chart has a present and future ‘potentiality signature’. Let’s compare it to the evolving global and local business environment.
  • Align your Personal and Professional Goals.
    Incongruencies, especially when unconscious, can sabotage your professional efforts. Astrology can help you optimize your talents with your business needs.

Relationship Coaching (By yourself or together)


  • Intimate Relationships
    How can exciting, joyful attractions dissolve into conflicted, unhealthy relationships? What we love most, and come to detest, about our personal and professional partners, are usually characteristics of ourselves we don’t readily acknowledge. Exploring these “projections” through your astrological chart need not be a 20 year therapy commitment. These unconscious relationship mirrors show up quickly as patterns. They become keys to choosing more compatible mates and owning what issues are re-enacted and selfmade, in our most important relationships.
  • Family and Ancestral Connections
    We are composites of many generations of behavioral patterns. Some inherited, some learned. Can you differentiate among those wanted and those unconsciously acquired? Your chart tells us the difference so you can more intentionally choose.
  • Employers, Employees and Professional Peers
    Family mores infiltrate our outer world relationship choices. Are you more comfortable in a large or small organization? Do you professionally assert yourself freely or passively accept your role? Do you see these relationships as mutually interactive or one-way conversations? Are you productive, effective and professionally maturing where you are? Let’s look at getting what you need in these environments. Your chart can help you activate these needed skill sets.
  • Improving your Communications and Self-expression
    It matters not what you want or need if you don’t know how to ask for it. Your chart explicitly defines your optimum, most effective communication style. It also suggests in what situations, and under what circumstances, you are most verbally influential. These understandings can develop your conversational expertise.

Individual Appointments

$150/90-minute session

  • Self-Knowing
    Do you like yourself, trust yourself and enjoy being alone?
    Investigating these questions bring us to our core. We must know who we are, and what we want to improve, before expecting relationships with others to be fulfilling. Your astrology chart shines a light on these introspective areas, brighter and more clearly than external sources are capable of doing. This is a personal database of your past (lives), present and future potentialities.
  • Changing Perspectives: Our Stories and Projections
    Do you believe you are responsible for the life you are creating? Do you understand and learn from life’s experiences, or are you an example of ‘bad things happening to good people’? What if everything and everyone in your life had incarnational meaningfulness and purpose? The stories we tell ourselves become our realities. And yet every story has many versions. Your chart tells them all. Why not choose to live the most positive version to which it speaks?
  • Your Life’s Purpose
    Do you know why you are here and what you came to do? Are you masterful at manifesting your dreams? Would you like to be? Your chart has many clues to share. It only requires a willingness to inquire.
  • Dreams
    Our dreams are rich unconscious messages sent to us every night. What are your dreams about? Would you like access to these revelations? What if you could ‘program’ your dreams to unravel unanswered questions, process unresolved issues, or brainstorm opportunities? Astrology’s symbolic language is highly effective in translating your dream’s seemingly unrelated clues.
  • Prior Lives
    Does your ancestral line influence who you are? What past lives have you experienced? What if you discovered unexpressed-to-date skill sets? Would you wish to activate them?

Speaking Engagements

Janey’s favorite subject matter includes:

  • The Yin of it All  – Resolving the Initial and Primary Inner Conflict: Our Masculine vs Our Feminine
  • A Monogrammed Journey  – The Soul’s Passage back to Source
  • Consciousness Exploration – Accelerating the Process
  • Transitions – Adaptation, Celebration and Reinvention replaces Suffering
  • The Healing Expedition – Trusting Ourselves
  • Intuition – Challenging what you Believe. Trusting what you Know

Janey is available for both small, more intimate, or larger group speaking engagements.