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Astrology: The Theory of Everything

Aquarian Insights, Understandings and Solutions

janey_2016_150Radio Show Host Janey McCarthy, MEd

Astrology is a sacred art and metaphysical science studied and employed by our ancestors. Learn how Jungian Karmic Astrology interweaves an understanding of your personality, relationship dynamics and challenges, life patterns and themes, to accelerate self-awareness and transformation.

Revision your life purpose as ‘a spiritual being having a human experience.’

This exciting discussion platform will promote the practice of Astrology, attracting professional astrologers, astrology students, enthusiasts, spiritualists, guests, experts in their field, and listeners, to exchange inspired ideas and relevant information.

Astrology reveals insights into the greater world, its changing cycles and universal forces.  Janey examines special topics and current events, investigates their meaning, and discusses solutions to personal and global problems. A new show airs the 15th of each month, on the Voice America 7th Wave Channel.


What our guests have to say about the show

One of the best astrology radio shows in the world is yours to download as a podcast from iTunes or listen to on your computer now.  It’s called Astrology: The Theory of Everything.
— Jessica Adams

Loved BEing interviewed vs DOing it, for a change.
Please share this Voice America show with your friends:  Astrology: The Theory of Everything.
— Dr. Bonnie Morrow




A new show airs the 15th of every month.