23 Jul

Leo: Hear Me Roar!

July 23, 2015

It is time to talk about Leo! Beginning with today’s show, each month our show topics will align with the current Sun Sign. Center stage this month is the bigger-than-life sign of Leo. In this first episode, Janey and Mary Jo introduce us to the exuberant fixed fire sign of Leo, its traits, characteristics and archetypes. We hear about its planetary ruler the Sun, and the House associated with Leo in the astrological chart. Mary Jo and Janey discuss a public figure in the spotlight recently who exemplifies traits and behaviors of the Leo archetype. And then we look at Janey and Mary Jo’s composite chart to see how the energy of Leo plays out in their collaborative partnership. The following four episodes for the month will feature special guests talking about topics that pertain to the sign of Leo: Sun Sign Astrology, Leadership, the Ego, and the Inner Child. So, if you love Leo, we hope you will listen in on the whole series!

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