06 Aug

Leadership: Where are the Women? With Tiffany Lennon

August 6, 2015

What characteristics, traits and skills make a good leader? We heard on a previous show how heart-centered Leo inspires others with its enthusiasm, self-confidence and self-mastery. It is dignified and has respect for itself and others. Leo leaders attract people with their charisma, and encourage co-workers to grow and and shine in their abilities. Determined Leo uses its personal power to empower and support the success of others. Hear from our special guest Tiffani Lennon, author and lead researcher for the 2013 report Benchmarking Women’s Leadership in the United States. This groundbreaking study evaluates women’s progress as leaders across 14 sectors of life, from academia and journalism to business and politics. When women lead, their leadership improves an organization’s impact, employee retention, and profit. Ms. Lennon devotes much of her academic research and writing to issues of women’s leadership, as well as being a living example of that leadership.

TiffaniLennon2015Tiffani Lennon, JD, LL.M, vice president of a non-profit organization, formerly chaired and taught in the Law and Society and Community-Based Research programs at the University of Denver. Before her academic career, Lennon helped to frame strategic litigation to systematically address rights violations, and has authored several policy reports. Lennon was a visiting lecturer around the world, teaching within the legal and economic development spaces. Lennon has received numerous public and private grants to conduct research and policy analysis on marginalized communities. Her latest work is a national study on women’s leadership. Her book Recognizing Women’s Leadership: Strategies and Best Practices for Employing Excellence was released in August 2014. A Rider University alumna, Lennon also earned a Juris Doctor degree, and received a LL.M. degree from the University of London, Birkbeck College of Law. Her dissertation topic focused on feminist political economics in Africa.

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