12 Apr

Inclusion:Exclusion – Our Way of Life? With Eric Francis.

April 15, 2016

How did we get this way? Have we ever valued collaboration over conflict? Or, is this the only story we know ~ one of competition, discrimination and the overpowering of others ‘less worthy’? Could our preferred, inter-relational and environmental, expressions of violence and abuse, become our legacy? Join me and my guest, Eric Francis Coppolino, of Planet Waves, to investigate humanity’s deeply-seeded exclusionary and inclusionary behavior patterns. We’ll probe the status quo of the (in)discriminate dismissal of individual human rights (based on gender, race, culture, nationalism, religious beliefs, body type…). We’ll look to Eris and Chiron to help us unravel the symbolism of this – one of humanity’s current lessons.

eric francisEric Francis Coppolino is the editor of Planet Waves and host of Planet Waves FM. He entered the astrology field in the early days of the Internet, after a long career as an investigative journalist covering environmental fraud and mass poisoning incidents. “I was in search of work that had more human contact,” he says of that evolution. Morphing the investigative ethos of his reporting career with the softer, introspective journey of astrology, he has created a new genre of journalism that follows both news, celestial events and inner movement as one idea. His weekly and monthly horoscopes are published by Marie Claire, the Omega Institute and Chronogram magazine.

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