About Janey

janey_2016_150Janey C. McCarthy has a reputation for being a profoundly articulate, intuitively gifted, Jungian Karmic Astrologer. For 25 years she has passionately translated astrology’s ancient symbols and their meaning for her clients. Her focus is always on inspiring them to attain their Soul’s Mission by suggesting practical, applicable ways to attain their highest potentialities in this lifetime.

What is a Jungian Karmic Astrologer?

One who bases their Astrology practice on the brilliant work of the renowned analytical psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung. Janey seamlessly blends the ancient symbolic language of astrology with Jung’s groundbreaking work in psychology and spirituality. Concepts such as “projection”, “individuation”, “the collective unconscious”, “archetypes” and the use of dream analysis, are all explored to bring deeper understanding and meaningfulness to her client’s lives.

For 25 years, before pursuing astrology and metaphysics, her personal and professional experiences were already preparing her to bridge the spiritual and material worlds. Janey enjoyed an extensive and rewarding career as a:

  • Business Development Consultant
  • Sales and Marketing VP (retail technology)
  • IT Technical Recruiter
  • Human Resource/Organizational Development Manager (healthcare industry; Myers Briggs and Enneagram trainer)
  • Project Manager (retail financial systems; healthcare systems; productivity analyst, efficiency expert)
  • Educator (astrology; information technology masters degree level; art K-12)
  • Office Administrator (legal; utility industry)
  • Artist (watercolor and oil painting; interior decorating; landscape design)

Janey is a devoted mother to her sweet child Lily, a Tonkinese cat. 

Originally from Philadelphia, she has chosen to build her ‘nest’ in the Baltimore-Washington area with her soul mate of 8 years.