01 Oct

Libra in Partnership: Blending Astrology, Psychology and Authorship. With Hadley Fitzgerald, MA, LMFT, and Judith Harte, PhD, MFT

October 8, 2015

Currently the Sun is in Libra, and Mercury is moving retrograde through this cardinal air sign, focusing our thoughts and attention on how we relate to others. In this show we explore the Libra themes of relationships and cooperation, partnerships and collaboration, with astrologers and psychotherapists Hadley Fitzgerald and Judith Harte, co-authors of Images of Soul, Reimagining Astrology. Hear about their decades-long friendship and professional partnership, their individual perspectives and approaches to astrology and therapeutic practice, and how they came together to create their recently published book. Using the metaphor of the ‘acorn theory’ posited by archetypal psychologist James Hillman, Fitzgerald and Harte describe the horoscope as analogous to an acorn, which contains one’s unique soul code with a mysterious timepiece all its own. Astrology and psychotherapy inform and complement one another, helping us evolve in the direction of our own life’s calling.

FitzgeraldHadley Fitzgerald, MA, LMFT, has been a licensed psychotherapist almost as long as she’s been an astrologer. She is co-author with Judith Harte of Images of Soul: Reimagining Astrology, and the author of the Psychological Astrology section of Under One Sky by Rafael Nasser. A free-lance writer for more than 25 years, she loves what emerges in the process of writing both poetry and prose. An online educator, she is currently integrating images, poetry, and various methods of self-reflection in the teaching of Astrology & Family Systems Therapy to 40 post-graduate students in Beijing, China. Hadley has a certificate of training in Ecopsychology from the Institute for Cultural Change and is a Certified Tarotpy® Practitioner. She provides astrological consultations for colleagues in the helping professions to help them enhance their work with their clients. Hadley lives and works in the Los Angeles area and can be reached at 818-783-3891. Her web site is www.HadleyFitzgerald.com.

HarteJudith Harte, PhD, MFT, has been an archetypal astrologer and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Westwood and Studio City, California for over three decades. She interned as a rape crisis counselor and death and dying counselor. During her graduate work at Westwood California’s International College, Judith encountered Jungian Analyst Dr. Barry Miller. Under his guidance she wrote her doctoral dissertation, An Imaginal Approach to Astrological Psychology. This dissertation, in part, became the foundation for the recently published book Images of Soul: Reimagining Astrology, co-authored and edited by long-time friend and colleague Hadley Fitzgerald. Judith works with client populations ranging from blue collar to members of the Hollywood film community. Her clay sculptures have been shown in three Mirrors of Your Mind exhibits, sponsored by The Los Angeles County Psychological Association. She can be reached at 310-281-7991. Her web site and blog are at www.Imagesofsoul.com.